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8907 SW Canyon Road
Beaverton OR 97225
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Brake Team located up the Hill, across the street from the Lexus Dealer in Beaverton's west slop on Canyon Road. Stop by for a free brake inspection.
Brakes $88, Free Brake inspection. Price includes, New brake pads, rotors surfaced, bleed air out of brake fluid, grease on exposed wheel bearings. brake team brake pads repair service Brake Team, we have also great price on calipers, rotors, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, brake shoes, abs brake sensors
Brake price on pads
At Brake Team we perform 1000's of quality brake jobs per month for less money than any other brake store in town!

People ask us, "How can you repair and service brakes for so little?"... well its simple. All we do are brakes! We buy our quality brake parts directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on directly to our customers! In addition, our mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and have decades of experience in servicing brakes. This increases efficiency and turn around time so we can service many, many vehicles! Here at Brake Team we promise that you will save time and money while getting the highest quality Brake Service possible.
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